Welcome to County Birder, a site created by a birder for birders. Countybirder.com is designed to fill two functions for birders.

First it is a site the birding community can use as a host for a free blog site. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of having a blog. You can use it as a place to keep your birding diary as I am doing, or you can create a much more sophisticated site to use to attract readers from the birding community. It is WordPress powered, so it’s robust but simple. Register and give it a try. You’ll be able to see others sites listed by state or province. If you don’t want your posting to be public you have that option also. For hints on how to use your County Birder WordPress blog click on the Hints tab at the top of the home page.

Second a sister site County Rare Birds is designed to be a tool birders find so useful that you’ll use it whenever you want to see what uncommon birds have been reported in your county, or in any state or county of interest to you.   If you register at County Rare Birds each time you go to the site it will open to list the e-Bird rare bird sightings from your county reported in the last 15 days. You can also look for rare bird sightings in any U.S. state or county, or Canadian Province or county using the simple selection tool in the left sidebar.

Don’t wait, join the County Birder community and start your own birding notes/blog page now. If using a County Birder blog does not interest you I bet you’ll love using County Rare Birds as a helpful tool.

Ed Pullen
Fellow Birder